De collega's van EACLIPT vragen ons om onderstaand bericht door te geven. Denk eraan, publiceren in "Clinical Psychology in Europe" is volledig gratis!

Dear EACLIPT members,

It's that time again: The third issue of *Clinical Psychology in Europe* (CPE) has just been released! You can download the full issue from https://www.psychopen.eu/cpe/v1i3/ or visit our website at

In the current issue, you will find the latest research telling you for example...
... how hot and cold cognition may inform prevention and treatment of depression.
... that intercultural competence can successfully be trained.
... whether dropout rates in ACT are comparable to those of other active treatments.
... how resilience factors can enable successful aging also in disadvantaged individuals.
... in which way metta meditation can enhance CBT.

Don't forget: CPE is *free* for readers and authors - Spread the word to your colleagues and submit your research at https://cpe.psychopen.eu

And if you want to learn even more about the newest research in Clinical Psychology in Europe - Come and join the EACLIPT conference in Dresden www.clinicalpsychologycongress2019.eu

Enjoy reading and get inspired!
Winfried Rief and Cornelia Weise
Editor-in-Chief and Handling Editor CPE
Division of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment
Philipps-University of Marburg